a multistage equalizer plug-in modeled after the analog equalizer E27 produced by Avedis Audio Electronics.

the incarnation of classic passive program equalizers with extra features.

PSP MasterQ2

a precise, surgical EQ for mastering or a color processor for sound design and mixing!

Inspired by classic American-style EQs, this plug-in captures the flavor of vintage filters while offering modern features.

Captures the sonic character of British console EQs while adding modern features.

The classic sound of various famous console EQs coupled with modern features.

PSP preQursor

A PSP Audioware original designed to offer great separation and low resonance peaks.

PSP Audioware’s unique take on a musical EQ with a unique character and low phase distortion.

A highly CPU effecient Linear phase EQ combining frequency-domain fast convolution and analog-modeled algorithms.

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