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Longtime friends Antoni Ozynski and Mateusz Wozniak, freshly finished with their university studies, formed the first pro audio software company in post-communist Poland, PSPaudioware.com s.c. (Ozynski A. & Wozniak M.) in 2000 around the same time the Internet was beginning to become ubiquitous. They had no recording industry contacts or connections, only the quality of their audio processors to recommend them. Thanks in part to innovative use of the Internet as a conduit for communication, community, and commerce, the audio community became aware of their high quality software, and PSPaudioware’s reputation began to build.
PSP It's the sound that counts!

Their breakthrough came when they introduced the PSP VintageWarmer, their analog-inspired multi-band compressor and saturation processor, in 2002. Excellent reviews, followed by raves from both professionals and hobbyists alike cemented PSPaudioware as a pro audio software company to watch.
Since then, PSPaudioware has released a plethora well-regarded of audio processors. PSP mastering grade plug-ins such as PSP MasterComp, PSP MasterQ, and PSP Xenon have found their way into professional studios internationally. PSPaudioware’s collections of dynamics processors for mixing and tracking such as the PSP InfiniStrip, PSP MixPack and the PSP Console and EQ plug-ins are must-haves in project studios around the world. And PSP’s highly lauded creative effects processors such as PSP L’otary, PSP B-Scanner, reverbs, and delays are sound-design and insert slot staples.
PSPaudioware has also won the respect of venerable audio hardware companies, with EMT endorsing the PSP 2445 EMT, AVEDIS endorsing the PSP E27 and Lexicon endorsing the Lexicon PSP 42.
From their earliest days, PSPaudioware has been focused on quality and musicality. Their mission statement, core value, and motto has always been “It’s the sound that counts!” PSPaudioware has grown from an unknown upstart behind the Iron Curtain to one of today’s premiere professional audio software companies. PSPaudioware’s dedication to delivering high quality processors at affordable prices suitable for the both the professional and the enthusiast continues to win them accolades and grow their user base through word of mouth, stellar reviews, personal appearances at trade shows, and participation in community forums - and they’re just getting started!




Mateusz Woźniak
Mateusz Wozniak is the co-founder of PSPaudioware and the head of development. Born into a family of composers and surrounded by music, Mateusz spent his primary school days playing piano, which evolved into recording and mixing theatrical music and songs during his high school (where he met Antoni) and university days. He graduated Computer Science as an engineer specialized in multimedia for processing and algorithms in audio engineering. Raised on the music of the 70’s and 80’s Mateusz has a taste for the days in which gear was used to reveal the real artistic potential of musicians without shortcuts in the composition or production process. Mateusz also nurtures interests in aviation, photography, and travelling to uncommon places.



Antoni Ożyński
Antoni Ozynski is the co-founder of PSPaudioware. He earned a MA degree in Management from Warsaw University. His master’s thesis, which was published in ’98, focused on anthropological approach to organizational change. Instead of working for a big corporation he preferred to help his long time high school friend Mateusz set up the first Polish audio software company. Antoni is interested in theater, cinema and architecture. He loves traveling, exploring far places, cycling and enjoying (mostly vegeterian) food.



Adam Taborowski

Adam Taborowski is an electronics engineer specialized in acoustics and sound engineering, with a history in software development and music. He started programming simple video games at the age of 12. When he was 13 he formed his first rock band with friends from school. In PSPaudioware he found an outlet for both passions, music and software development. His other hobbies include: researching vikings, knights, cowboys, cats and other areas of interest.



Piotr Dmuchowski aka BoNkiE

Piotr Dmuchowski is an electrical engineer and scientist specializing in switching arc phenomena, as well as a software developer specializing in digital signal processing. He has been around music all of his life. As a child he completed three years of music school and currently enjoys being a DJ. His hobbies include digital electronics, micro-controller programming, physiotherapy, mountain biking, theater and, of course, music.


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