Hernán Santiago

Mixing and mastering engineer Hernán Santiago’s dog-like sense of hearing has won him clients such as Blondie, Vivian Green, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Ice-T, Savage Garden, Tru-Life, Spank Rock, Macy Gray and many more. A Bronx native, Hernán got his start at (PLATINUM) Island Studios in Manhattan in the mid-nineties and gradually worked his way up from intern to recording and mixing engineer.

Favorite PSP plug-in:

PSP Xenon: “My goto Limiter is PSP Xenon. It’s clean. It handles peaks appropriately. It’s great for Mastering dynamic music like jazz. It also works for EDM and other genres. With the leveler and the stereo link off I can achieve the loudness I'm aiming for. In a mixing situation I use it on my instrument Aux Returns to control peaks that I don’t want in  my final mix.”My interns always say what is that when they see on computer screen, ah this the PSP Xenon take a listen.”

More about Hernán: