Valentin Damjantschitsch

Valentin Damjantschitsch is the trombonist, songwriter and arranger of the band The Prosecution since 2002. As a part of the “Weltraumstudio 2“ production team since 2015 with Corni Bartels & Mäx Schlichter [Killerpilze], Valentine Damjantschitsch produces his own band The Prosecution and worked for and with many other bands of the genres from metal to punkrock, such as Tenside, Minipax, Casino Blackout, Irish Handcuffs, Arcempire, GFF, Dirty Dogs, Rather Raccoon, The Wulffs, Corinore, Null, Bouncin BC, Stronger Than Finish, Rodscha & Tom, Long Beach Records, Uncle M and lots more.

In 2014 Valentin founded his own studio, Reh Mit Rucksack Studio, in the inner city heart of Regensburg, where he does most of his productions, all of his work as a composer for independent movie projects and contributions to “Polarstern Music“, a German production music library. Between those projects Valentin also teaches several music production and songwriting workshops per year.

Favorite PSP plug-ins:

PSP N20: “I really like sounds and soundscapes that are unique. If I'm looking for some new ideas for how to handle an unconventional part, I really love to click through the presets and crank things up. It inspires me immediately as to what the part could sound like!”
PSP 608 Multidelay: “Endless options and a thousand ways to give your lead guitars, vocals and whatever a unique touch. Love it!”

More about Valentin: