Lauren Passarelli

Lauren Passarelli is a performing songwriter, recording engineer, author, and professor of guitar at Berklee College of Music. Known as an omni creative, and multi-instrumentalist, she has released 11 albums, 2 EPS and 12 singles of her original music, and has recorded projects for many other Artists including: Thaddeus Hogarth, Kate Chadbourne, Suzanna Sifter, Sarah Burrill, and Jane Miller. Her music has been featured on NPR, international syndicated music networks, and television shows. As an artist in residence at Berklee she has mentored over 10,000 students to find their voice and grow past their limitations as a musician. She teaches songwriting, guitar, arranging, production and everything Beatles, online internationally.

Favorite PSP plug-ins: all of them

“PSP Audioware tools are created by Artists, for Artists. PSP Nexcellence, PSP E27PSP VintageWarmer, are stunning. I love all PSP’s plugins for so many reasons: warmth, richness, sophistication, tubes, tubes, and more tubes. PSP plugins fully perform as their description describes. I am deliciously impressed.”

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