Iván Santos Ortiz , better known as Santaflow, in addition to being an MC, vocalist, composer, and producer, founded the record company Magnos Enterprise and Más Sabor Estudios . He rose to prominence with the 2001 album Desterrados, next to El Chulo del Megane. He has not only produced his own recorded, but other artists as well. A few of his more recent albums include Atlántico - Santaflow (2013), La cara B - Santa RM (2014), Hecho de sueños - NKaese (2015), Red Vol. 1 - Santaflow (2015), Diamante en bruto - Dyem (2016), Level one -  Aitor (2016), Red Vol. 2 - Santaflow (2016), Prueba y error -  Norykko (2017), and Magnos Team - Santaflow, Aitor, Dyem, Norykko (2017).

Favorite PSP plug-ins:

PSP Vintage Warmer2:"I use PSP VintageWarmer2 in all my productions because it gives them so much thickness and I could not find something similar in any other plug-in.”
PSP E27: “PSP E27 EQ is another of my essentials. I love it to give character to vocals.”
PSP MixSaturator2: “PSP MixSaturator2 is one of my favourites distortions. It’s amazing how can give so much power to snares.”

More about Santaflow: