Jeroen Simons

Drummer, drumclinician, drumteacher, composer and junior mixer/producer Jeroen Simons is best known as “the original drummer of EPICA”, a worldwide famous female fronted metalband, but Jeroen also has worked with a lot of other (inter-) national artists in various musicstyles as a studio & sessionplayer: Hotclub de Nashville, Pat Bergeson, Thomas Blug, Jerome Hol, Frans Blanker (Candy Dulfer), Emma Heesters (YouTube-artist), Mahafsoun (Akheth), Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon), Zendhy Kusama (Indonesia), Lillian Liu (Canada), Gino Mehauden (Rob de Nijs band, NL), Jarmo Lopulissa (Isabel, NL) Marjon van Iwaarden (2Unlimited2) and many more... He also did drumclinics for: Amedia Cymbals, Balbex sticks and Cympad since 2005.

Jeroen launched his first very complex drumbook on Amazon: Progressive Licks & Beats for the 21st Century Drummer, where he already got a very positive review from West-European drummagazine: SLAGWERKKRANT and of monsterdrummer Travis Orbin (USA).

Jeroen also teaches modern drummingstyles at a big musicschool in his region and is known for his practising-drums discipline and his hunger for knowledge in many fields. This hunger makes him also an appreciated guestartist on the Produce like a Pro Academy and his passion for mixing for the last 10+ years grew into a new sidebusiness, which he will start in 2020, together with his own drumstudio online for clients and drum-techniques & tips on YouTube.

Favorite PSP plug-ins: Most of them!

“I love working with PSP plugins, because they give me that extra special edgy sound I sometimes miss and their great development team have eyes-and-ears for details within their plugins. Just look at PSP Xenon for example, or the PSP Vintage Warmer2, they are candies man! Others I like to mention are: PSP MasterComp and PSP FETpressor, they are amazing on the masterbus and individual instruments, they do at least what their names suggest to do...;) Nuff said!!! PSP MasterQ2 with it,s extra features and precise sound, man!! And let,s not forget the PSP 2445 EMT reverb...:) The PSP E27 is all you can ask for as an eq, high quality!!! Thank you PSP for the high quality tools you give me to shape my drumsounds and mixes!!!!!!"

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